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  • Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that helps produce sperm and stimulates the development of man-made characteristics such as massive muscular formation. 
  • Testosterone is a hormone that regulates the development of male sexual features and reproductive functions. 
  • This can be seen in terms of sexual desire, erection ability and mature sperm production. 
  • Testimony Deficiency Syndrome (TDS) occurs when the tests are male sex organs that produce sperm and the adrenal glands do not produce enough testosterone hormones. 
  • This lack of hormones affects the development of body tissues, metabolism, liver function and prostate gland. 
  • Low testosterone level causes men to have erections, weak ejaculation and reduced semen volume.

With Testostrong it helps by:

  • increased levels of testosterone and manpower
  •  increase stamina and alertness
  • stimulates the mood of a man
  • help with the problem of sexual function failure
  • relieves fatigue and lethargy
  • reduces
  • smoking addiction
  • stabilize sugar in the bloodstream
  • launched urination
  • relieved headaches


Latest Expiry Date: May 2020