Prokidz Testimonials

"My son, Hamzah, likes the chocolate flavour of the ProKidz chewable tablet. He takes 3 tablets every morning. Now, he is more active and attentive in school throughout the whole day."

- Siti Mariam.

"He's more focused on what he's doing, and his memory is very good, he can remember certain things that have happened 2 years ago. I'mm will continue giving Prokidz to him and my youngest child." 
- Hani Bte Mahat, 38 Years old.

"After consuming Essentia Medica's ProKidz, my children are getting healthier and more active. They rarely fall sick as well." 
- Mother of Aqilah dan Danish.

"I gave my children ProKidz because of the nutrients it provides in the  ingredients used that are highly encouraged in Islam such as dates and raisins. This will be very beneficial if it is given consistently on a daily basis. So far, no side effects. However, I was able to see results in my children's mood; more cheerful. Waking them up early in the morning has gotten easier and their concentration span has improved." 

- Alissayazana Zainal, 30 years old.

“Both my kids are lazy and not active during the school's curriculum period, maybe they felt tired. However, after taking ProKidz, they are more active in carrying out school activities as well as activities outside of school."

- Azlina Abdul Aziz, 39 years old.

"Two of my children consume ProKidz. I noticed significant results after my kids consumed it. Their minds are more active and they are able to absorb knowledge faster. They are also able to sleep and wake up in the morning easily."

- Mohd Nor B. Madon, 55 years old.