Natural Essence Testimonials

"I am confident that all the nutrients inside Natural Essence are able to treat my sickness. After consuming Natural Essence for 3 years consistently and diligently, all of the pains that I experienced in my body reduced tremendously and got better."

- Kamari, 69 years old.

“I have recently been introduced to the marvels of Natural Essence & Organic Goat's Milk. I am very impressed with the potential that these products have to offer. I have struggled with skin allergies and gastric problem for quite some time. There is much improvement in the above symptoms after consuming Natural Essence & Organic Goat’s Milk. Thanks for a great remedy!”

- Rosley, Policeman.

"After trying Natural Essence, I was able to control high blood pressure and cholesterol was also very good. "

- Abdul Rahman, 60 years old.

"My body feels lighter and I am able to sleep and perform my daily duties well. After consuming Natural Essence, I no longer experience muscle cramps. I will continue consuming products from Essentia Medica."

- Dewi Aminah, 70 Years old.

"I am suffering from cholesterol and diabetes. Before taking Natural Essence, my cholestrol level was as high as 5.8. After taking 2 bottles of the supplement, my cholesterol level went down to 2.7. I’m thankful and will continue taking it."

- Mariam Aziz, 48 years old.